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YS Could Be Someone’s Cheap UK Holiday

March 29th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Global Village

The village made it onto another of those lists touting quaint but distinctive travel destinations. According to

Yellow Springs, Ohio – The small town only has a total of 3675 people and the nearest city from here is Dayton which is only 21 miles. Since 1852 when Antioch College had built at here, yellow spa town has become the guiding light of the artists, activists and thinkers. People can freely display their knitting work in the town to show the unique public art, tourists can come here to feel the freedom and self-released smoothly.

This sounds like something was lost in translation. Maybe it was written and edited by algorithm. Here’s the rubric for making the list:

In the United States, there are some small towns, which are so cool. The populations of these small towns are less than 10000, but their cuisine, culture and quality of life are so sufficient and even can compare with big cities. At the same time, the tranquility and comfort environment they provided can’t be found in big cities. Their simplicity and mystery have attracted thousands of foreign tourists. Here are four famous small towns you can choose to visit.

Last summer, Outside magazine called Yellow Springs one of America’s best small towns.

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